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The Ultimate Gutter Mesh Protection

Leafbusters can offer three different gutter guards protection mesh products depending. All three gutter guard products are designed to work well but have different specifications and are priced to suit your budget and circumstances. Our fully trained consultants can explain the differences, advantages and help you choose the best gutter guards mesh product for you:

1. Budget Mesh (The Original Diamond Mesh)
The original diamond gutter guards mesh we used to supply is now called Budget Mesh. It comes with a 10 year guarantee. This poly-mesh is our lower-priced option and was originally produced back in 1992. it's designed to do a good job for the price, but the other two mesh products have superior performance through superior technology

2. Supreme Flow Mesh (Diamond Reformation Mesh - Hexagonal)
The Diamond Reformation Gutter Guards Mesh is an advanced product of hexagonal design. It is a popular mid-priced product designed to perform well and a step up from the Budget Mesh product. It comes with a 15 year guarantee.

3. 2G UltraTech Mesh
Introducing the best gutter guards mesh in the world! The 2G. This superior product is AUSTRALIAN MADE and exclusive to Leafbusters. It's designed to deliver superior performance and give ultimate peace of mind. Of course the 2G gutter guards come with a 20 year unconditional guarantee.

More About the 2G Mesh

Gutter Guard Mesh

The picture above is of the 2G gutter guard mesh showing the black carbon strand. Very unique, no other mesh has this feature: All 2G gutter guard meshes have high quality UV stabilizers that will give the system a 25 year working life.

All components for the installation of the 2G Leafbusters gutter guard protection system are Australian made and will not break down or fail before 20 years.


  • Carbon Black under-strand, Mix of HDPE/LDPE (unique formulation) which allows beautiful tailoring to your roof.
  • Carbon Black is one of the best UV stabilizers available on the market.
  • It is incorporated into the master batch for manufacture at a rate of 2.5% finely dispersed.
  • All black meshes have carbon black as its stabilizer.
  • Great colour range - comes in the following colours: Black, Caulfield Green, Karaka Green, TerraCotta, Ironbark, Heritage Red, Pale TerraCotta, Gull Grey, Beige, Slate Grey, Rivergum, Mountain Blue


  • Strand has high tensile strength 78N p/KM.
  • Black absorbs more heat.
  • The shape of the under-strand with the carbon black directs water straight down into your gutter (allowing for better or more water collection).
  • Carbon Black incorporated into the strand is a natural product and will not affect the soundness of your roof.
  • All our meshes are made from virgin grade polyethylene materials, and will last a long time. At the end of their working life, the meshes can be ground down and reconstituted into other poly products, so therefore do not go into land fill.

2G Mesh Colour Range

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2G Beige2G Black2G Caulfield Green2G Gull Grey
2G Heritage Red2G Ironbark2G Karaka2G Mountain Blue
2G Rivergum2G SEFR - Self Extinguishing Fire Retarded.  Fire rating 2, conforms to AS3959 -2009 2G Slate Grey2G Terracotta