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house the annual
job of gutter cleaning was difficult and somewhat dangerous. Thankfully Leafbusters has put an end to all that. A Great Product!
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Careers Available at Leafbusters

Leafbusters is one of the fastest growing SME businesses in Australia and New Zealand and experiences one of the highest levels of referral business in the industry. We are constantly seeking new personnel to assist us in the business.

Our reputation is excellent, having won a fair trading award from Department of Justice "Office of Fair Trading" in 1997. This is your opportunity to be part a of that growth story.

We pride ourselves on investing in our people, our products and our services. We have many long serving employees; average tenure is in fact 9 years.

Our team are very passionate about the business, self motivated, go-getters who wish to establish their careers. They can see the opportunities for promotion are real with Leafbusters and many of our existing personnel have enjoyed being promoted to greater roles as part of our growth.

Leafbusters is a second generation family business and is member of Family Business Australia.

Why Work For a Family Business?

In a family business you have far greater chances of advancement, and in a shorter time than in big business. The main reason people are looking for careers within Family Businesses is because they could be small to medium, even large - but they are run and or directed by the Founding Directors and/or their descendants from first generation to 6th generation.

In our business you won't be just a number, an unknown - you will have your own identity, within the identity of the Leafbusters Brand. And you will have opportunities to grow into management positions. Leafbusters are the market leader in the field of gutter protection.

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